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You Found a Cat... Now What?...

SCV Residents Missing Pet Help Hotline: (661)-402-2251
Please know that the outside links on this page are geared towards Santa Clarita Residents, however the tips will help anyone who is missing their dog have a greater chance at finding them!
What To Do
Please Report The Found Cat To Our Hotline! We Might Know Who's Missing Him/Her!

When you find a cat please remember to think LOST not STRAY.  Please try to find the owner of any cat that you find. 

Cat With Identification

- Does the cat have a collar with identification tags?  If yes, please call the number and let the owner know you have found their dog.

Cat With NO VISIBLE Identification And You Can Hold On To The Cat...

- Take the cat to a local veterinarian and ask them to scan for a microchip.  All SCV Veterinarians should do this for free (list of all local veterinarians). 


- Create a "FOUND CAT" Flyer  Post a copy of the sign on social media: FACEBOOK!   Make sure to post it to facebook.com/ScvLostPets we will get to cross-posting it as soon as we see it! 

- Put up a "FOUND CAT" sign in the EXACT SPOT you found the cat, as well in the immediate area.  Click Here for instructions on how to make your signs (this is VITAL)!

- Put up "FOUND CAT" flyers at the local shelters

- Be sure to put flyers in all the local VETERINARY OFFICES, PET STORES, DOG PARKS & Local Stores.  Tell local postal workers/UPS/FedEX that you found a cat

Cat With NO VISIBLE Identification And You MUST Take Him/Her To The Shelter...

- If you MUST take a stray with no identification to the shelter, please do right by the cat. 

- Strays with no form of identification are only guaranteed to live 4 days in the California shelter system.


- Take a picture of the cat before you turn it over so you can e-mail it to us and post it on social media.






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